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Pet Health

If the occasion arises that your pet needs attention, one of the veterinarians from Dodge City Veterinary Clinic will gladly assess your pet! Visit our clinic’s page at

Pet Boarding

Our brand new facility offers all of your comforts from home! For your large breed dogs, we offer large doggie suites that can accommodate any size of dog. For your smaller dog, the doggie condo is also available! All dogs will need to be up-to-date on vaccinations with proof of vaccines. For the owners that have errands to run, work long hours or night shifts, doggie day camp can entertain your best friend while you’re away! While at doggie day camp your dog will enjoy various outdoor activities and constant interaction with other day campers and our staff!

Pet Grooming

Treat your dog to a spa day! Our groomer can do anything from the most basic grooms to specialized hairstyles! Call today for an appointment!